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Nigerian cooking relies upon on starchy root vegetables for instance yams and cassava. Nigerians additionally use plenty of eco-friendly vegetables, which includes bitterleaf (similar to collard greens), okra, spinach, and additionally other African plants. Crops will no longer be the sole items Nigerians turn to. They do like meat dishes utilising goat, fish or hen.

The people of northern Nigeria admire highly spiced-particularly warm meat kabobs. In southern Nigeria, the human beings nowadays adore several kinds of seafood stews with shrimp, fish, lobster, crab, rice, and greens. Inside the vital A a part of Nigeria, the humans adore to own stewed meats served with mashed yams or cassava.

Egusi Nigerian Stew

In Nigeria, safe to eat melon seeds cross from the identify of “egusi,” and using this kind of widely recognized Nigerian stew, the melon seeds are finely floor to present this dish a completely unique colour and taste. In location of melons seeds, pumpkin seeds operate particularly flawlessly with this specific stew recipe. As nicely because the shrimp can get replaced or brought as well as any smoked fish or crab. Rather than the chook, smoked oysters right faraway from a can, or beef may be used.

Pink palm oil offers this stew a extraordinary Cooked Food for occasions UK African cooking style. It may be determined online, in Worldwide grocery stores, or Latino markets especially. Don’t try to substitute to the red palm oil. This oil is price the problem to look for.


half of cup pumpkin seeds

1 three-pound rooster, Lower into eight portions

Salt to style

one/3 cup red palm oil

2 half lbs ripe tomatoes, Lower in half, seeds squeezed out, and grated from the most suitable holes of a grater.

1 compact onion, chopped

habanero chile peppers, stemmed and halved

2 tablespoons tomato paste

2/four cup ingesting water

1 1/4 lbs . Fresh shrimp, heads and shells eliminated

one pound sparkling new spinach, with stems, chopped


Put the pumpkin seeds in a very meals stuff processor and mix for approximately twenty seconds proper up until in the powdery type. Reserve.

Salt the fowl, then in a big casserole frying pan, warm temperature the pink palm oil around medium-superior warm temperature for approximately five mins. Brown the hen pieces on both side, for approximately 6 minutes in all.

Area the tomatoes, onion, and habanero pepper from the food items processor, and Mix for about30 seconds, or till very clean. Reduce the warmth to minimal, and cover in part. Prepare dinner, turning sometimes, till the rooster is probably effects pulled from the bone having a fork, or approximately one half hrs.

Increase the water and shrimp and maintain on to simmer for about ten minutes.

Insert the spinach plus the reserved floor seeds and keep on simmering for approximately ten mins a lot more, Provide right now. This Egusi African Stew recipe makes 6 servings.

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