The Danger of Using the Same Password For All Websites

Usage of net is increasing day by day. Almost each home in the international has pc and it is used for having access to internet often for conversation or acquiring facts. Internet has becoming the most important source of acquiring facts, purchasing, education, research paintings, music, movies ,social networking and most of all communique thru e-mail, chat and so forth.

People are mad approximately social password management software networking websites like orkutor and Facebook and the internet is bridging up the distances among one of a kind people of different continents.

As net utilization grows, the importance of control of records grows. For instance, information over the net to get entry to e mail bills, social networking websites, financial institution debts, shopping web sites and so forth. Information which is used over such websites is in most cases consumer names, passwords or Ids. This mystery statistics is of terrific importance as one can not get entry to any e-mail or different money owed without it and can not find the money for to loose it. Either it must be remembered or ought to be saved wherein it’s miles secured and can be accessed readily.

There are packages to be had which keep your private records but they may be just excellent in your personal Pc. You can’t get admission to that facts from every other laptop. Saving such records on net primarily based records or password management device is more powerful.

Web based totally management equipment are on hand from any where. There is almost no chance for dropping such vital records on web primarily based control equipment. However, if you are the use of pc software program as your password control device there may be hazard that you pc may additionally crash and you may in no way get what you have got saved onto your pc.