Changing Vocal Style – How to Learn to Sing in Another Musical Genre

Justin Timberlake is a singer and a songwriter who has earned much success and recognition in the music industry. Aside from being known as an energetic performer, Justin has appeared and also hosted in a lot of television shows, films and music videos, adequately silencing critics that his career should best be left alone to one single endeavor. He will always be known as one of the lead singers of the popular boy band group, ‘N Sync. In fact, most people who recognize him today still see him as the young performer leading the famous vocal harmony group. Although it would not be that embarrassing to see fans asking for his autograph on the back of CD covers of his ‘N Sync days. Seeing Justin Timberlake shirtless always triggers memories in the minds of avid fans of his boy band days.

Actually, his first attempts at a career in singing were on reality show searching for rising stars, Star Search. Justin sang as Justin Randall, and he used country songs for material. Even at a tender age, potential can already be seen in the young singer. Justin Timberlake was also part of the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club in 1993. In the very same cast were some people who would eventually have some part in his life: pop superstar Britney Spears, future tour mate Christina Aguilera and future bandmate JC Chasez. Although the show ended in 1994, Justin got JC to be part of an all-male vocal group which was organized by manager Lou Pearlman. This group eventually became what we know as ‘N Sync.

Problems with the current management and handling of the band caused Timberlake to pursue a career going solo. He released his debut solo album in 2002 entitled “Justified” which sold around 7 million copies around the world. Fans now got to see 풀싸롱 Justin sing and perform with the familiar accompaniment provided by his former band mates. By 2006, he had already released a second album with hit singles “My Love,” and “Sexyback” in the U.S. At the start of 2008, the second Timberlake release, “FutureSex/LoveSounds” has already disposed more than 8.6 million copies worldwide.

Justin attracted a lot of attention, especially the Superbowl incident wherein Justin, in part of his performance with Janet Jackson, tore off part of Janet’s costume in cue to a line in the song. However, in the process, part of Jackson’s breast showed, exposing the part to millions of viewers both present and at home. No doubt, the same attention would not be achieved if what viewers only saw was Justin Timberlake shirtless. Nevertheless, the two artists were banned from appearing with offering apologies for their actions. Justin Timberlake gave his apologies moments before receiving the 2004 Grammy awards for Best Pop Vocal Album for Justified and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Cry Me a River,” along with the Best Rap/Song Collaboration for “Where is the Love” with The Black Eyed Peas.